Join us!

We are always looking for talented students to work with us. If you are... 

  • A graduate student at HGSE: we offer independent study credits (S999) and internships (T598) for students interested in learning about educational research. Topics include designing learning activities using new technologies, creating a study, running it, collecting & analyzing the data, and writing a paper  that could be submitted to an academic conference.
  • An undergraduate or graduate student at Harvard: we are happy to work with students through supervised study units (e.g., CS91r or CS299r in CS, S999 at the GSD). Projects include designing educational interfaces (with Augmented Reality headsets like the Hololens, or Tangible User Interfaces), conduting studies to test their effectiveness, and analyzing large multimodal datasets using data mining techniques and machine learning algorithms.
  • A student from another school: we are happy to work with students in the Boston / Cambridge area (e.g., Tufts, MIT, ...). If you're interested in the research projects on this website, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. 
  • None of the above: Feel free to send us an email with your CV and research interests!

Benefits include: learning about the research process, contributing to original findings about the impact of new technologies on education, write scientific papers submitted to academic conferences, and scientific publications in case of publishable results.